Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thank You

Someone asked me a question about how to handle the mean, miserable, small-minded people, who try to stop, block, and even derail you.  Those who try to hinder, hurt & even handicap you. My encouragment to all who have experienced and encountered these small-minded people is to send them a huge S/O....and let it go a little something like this!!! TO ALL the haters that have tried to hurt me & THANK you for helping me! TO ALL the Lairs that have tried to scare me, THANK you for strengthen me! TO ALL the attempted dream-killers that have tried to destroy me, THANK you for delivering me! Finally TO ALL the Fake & Phony friends who thought they were going to break me I sending you a thank you note that says "THANKs them for blessing me!"
I've learn that the Master is always adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing people in your life based on where you are going NOT where you are or where you've been. Some people can't handle where God is taking you, so don't be mad at them...thank them.... and get glad. Thank them for how they have contributed (positively or negatively, cause its all good) to your life; give them two fingers and keep it moving. Losses may deepen me, but they don't define me. They're part of maturity, but not my identity. Peace!

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